RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc. is a private holding company owned and operated by the Ronald Schlegel family. RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc. and their subsidiary companies are actively involved in health care, urban development and agri-business industries. 

Strength and stability are the hallmarks for the Schlegel name and are the cornerstones of RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc. Central to its philosophy is RBJ's intention to promote quality of life for all Canadians.

 Main Divisions 

Schlegel Health Care:

  • Schlegel Villages - Continuum of care facilities for older adults (long-term care and retirement homes)

  • Homewood Health - As Canada's leader in mental health and addiction services, Homewood Health provides a continuum of stay at work, return to work and treatment services through a team of over 4,500 staff and clinical professionals.

Schlegel Urban Developments

Urban developments of commercial, retail, office spaces and housing

Schlegel Poultry



A leader in mental health and addictions research in Canada

To promote research relevant to aging in community and care settings, focusing on practice-relevant research

RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc.
325 Max Becker Dr, Suite 201
Kitchener, Ontario 
N2E 4H5
Phone: 519-571-1873 
Fax: 519- 571-0947

General Inquiries: plemay@rbjschlegel.com