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Schlegel Poultry

Schlegel Poultry owns agricultural land in southwestern Ontario. The land is sharecropped with local farmers for cash cropping, primarily growing corn, wheat and beans. 

Schlegel Poultry is a producer of turkey in Ontario and is a proud supplier to Maple Leaf Foods.

Schlegel Poultry Compost

Schlegel Turkey Compost Operation

Schlegel Poultry Compost, an operation formerly owned by Cold Springs Farm, has been producing high quality Turkey Litter Compost (TLC) since 1996. Turkey litter is a blend of turkey manure and the softwood shavings used as bedding in our turkey barns. 

Schlegel Poultry Compost uses a tightly managed aerobic composting system, which destroys the pathogens and weed seeds found in raw turkey litter, while allowing beneficial microbes to thrive. Our combination of total process and ingredient control has established Schlegel Poultry Compost's TLC as an excellent source of the macro and micro nutrients required for certified organic and specialty crop production. 

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